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A cautionary tale was the February 2015 report of the death of billionaire Martin Bouygues, head of a French media conglomerate.

It takes 5 minutes to send a text to my mom, so I ordered one of their phones for . I'm grateful, but the one you order for isn't worth . I don't know how many times I've said the same thing on here! I can't afford some of the plans or phones and this helps me stay in touch with making appointments. I did a little investigating on this since my parents need a phone that's easier to use.A government troop stands on guard checking vehicles evacuating residents from their hometown of Marawi city in southern Philippines, as it drives past a military checkpoint in Pantar town, Lanao Del Norte, Wednesday.“Interesting if true” is the old line about some tidbit of unverified news.The second document appeared to be a piece of official correspondence documenting a bank transfer from “La Providence” to an account at First Caribbean Bank, based in the Cayman Islands, a well-known tax haven.

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MANILA - Gun battles between the government and extremist groups in Marawi City have left at least 7 people dead, the military confirmed Thursday, as it scrambled to verify reports of a terrorist-led jailbreak and the alleged massacre and abduction of civilians.Thirteen extremists meanwhile were killed in the skirmishes.