Who is josh duhamel dating

21-Mar-2016 23:11

Hough plays Katie, a woman on the run from a dangerous man in Boston.

"Shortly after, they flew to North Carolina to begin filming Safe Haven (out Valentine's Day), the newest Nicholas Sparks adaption, which stirs suspense for the first time (think Sleeping with the Enemy).

"We talked a lot about what we wanted this movie to be.

And we didn't want to fall into the traps of what people were going to expect from this movie."Safe Haven "feels a little bit more adult, a little bit more mature," says Hough, compared to previous Sparks films, such as The Notebook, Dear John or A Walk to Remember. This is about second chances."Director Lasse Hallstrom (Dear John, Cider House Rules) says Duhamel and Hough found ​common ground quickly on set.

And they both are secure enough to know that whatever happens is not real life," says Duhamel.

PLUS: Fergie Takes Axl Jack Behind the Scnes of "M.

TRAILER: Safe Haven VIDEO: Duhamel premieres 'Safe Haven' with Fergie"It didn't feel like we had to force anything," says Duhamel, who overcame his initial reservations about the role through the author's encouragement to muss up his character.

His heritage includes French-Canadian (from his great-great-grandfather; his last name is a very common last name among Francophones in the world), Norwegian, German, Irish, and English.

Before his acting career, the football player studied biology and earned his Bachelor's degree at Minot State University with the intention of pursuing dentistry.

"Love you babe." Fergie also posted a photo on her Instagram that was a little bit more romantic.

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